Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014

This Is Why I Hate Traffic Police In Vietnam

From Charlie Pryor

While in Vietnam, I took notes on a lot of things I observed in my surroundings. Sometimes my notes were happy, and sometimes they were not. Anyone with any decent logic can understand that all new experiences come with ups and downs, and the paragraphs that follow are full of them; but more downs than anything. I was going to change the quote below from its original version, but I cannot seem to make it sound any more honest than from the moment I wrote it during our lengthy drive in Ho Chi Minh City a mere 4 weeks ago. It is the most profoundly blunt portrayal of “screw the police” I’ve ever thought and written down, and I would feel no less than ashamed of myself for not sharing it with the world in its beautiful, raw form:

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