Dienstag, 1. Juli 2014

The Vietnamese priest-blogger fighting for religious freedom

Reporters Without Borders have included the Redemptorist Anton Ngoc Than in their list of “100 information heroes”. 

Vatican Insider interviews the man himself



The campaign for human rights and religious freedom in Vietnam is gaining momentum on the web. “Almost 40 million people use the internet in Vietnam. The most efficient way to awaken  people’s awareness and evangelize is to create apps for smartphones and tablets – which are very popular tools – so that farmers, young people, students and workers can access information on faith and freedom with just one click.” The priest-blogger Fr. Anton Ngoc Than, who manages theVietnamese Redemptorists’ News website and a Catholic radio station in the archdiocese of Saigon (in 1976, this southern Vietnamese city was renamed Ho Chi Minh City after its capture by the Viet Cong) said this in an exclusive interview with Vatican Insider.

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